SEO for Lawyers: Improving Online Presence of Your Law Firm

Professionals and business owners work on new ways of marketing their services every single day. Nowadays, lawyers are also aware of the importance of improving their online visibility and work constantly on increasing their clientele. Law firm marketing has become a huge industry because attorneys have a lot of competition and are aware that a quality image and brand can become crucial factors that will make their firm stand out and increase its credibility. Search engine optimization strategy for lawyers doesn’t have to be costly nor complicated. However, it must be executed by professionals who are specializing in legal marketing.


Legal service is all about establishing a reputation and building quality relationships with your clients. So, how can you reach out to your potential clientele and ensure your law firm gains the visibility you want? Optimizing your website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can do wonders for your online reputation and all you need to do is to hire a SEO company specialized in legal marketing to do the work for you. Now let’s see how SEO specialists initiate the process of optimization for your website.

Analyzing your website

The first search engine optimization experts have to do is to analyze the current condition of your website thoroughly. They will analyze your target keywords and key phrases and compare with other keywords in your practice areas. After an extensive keyword search is done and determined, SEO specialist will work on the on-page improvements of your website.


On-page recommendations

On-page improvements are conducted through metadata and content optimization, link building, using the right keywords and their proper distribution online, site map creation, ALT tag changes and much more. They will do everything to do your site more search engine-friendly and crawler friendly.

Quality link development

Quality link building is one the most important steps of bringing organic traffic to your site. Online marketing experts usually go for three-way link building from significant legal sources, directory submission and other tactics that help get the link development job done. Through link building, your website will gain maximum, quality and positive recommendations and reviews from external sites.


Website performance monitoring

Website performance monitoring is a continuous process that will help you keep track of link quality and send you monthly rank reports for every keyword. It will also notify you if your site has any debug problems and similar issues.

Blog designing

A blog can help you a great deal when it comes to promoting your firm. Legal marketing agencies can provide you with an optimized blog that will be updated every day with unique, original and quality content that will attract attention from internet users and potential clients. These blogs will also get quality in-bound links from diverse domains and ensure your blog page is indexed in Google and the other major search engines.

Google place listing

Making a listing is necessary to ensure the locals can find your website in Google local results. Your firm’s address and directions will be inserted in Google maps so potential clientele can fast and easily reach you as soon as they need your services.

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