Tracking your order through Currys customer service

Tracking your order at Currys is a simple process which will take you little time. This is because tracking any order can be done using the Knowhow Track It service which is offered for free. The only thing that you need for this is your reference number which is normally provided in your confirmation email that you received after placing the order. You will then need to provide your telephone number and postcode.

If you have placed an order for a large product and chosen free standard delivery, then you should be able to find out the time that your order is expected to be delivered. Do this after the 9pm the night before the confirmed delivery date of your item. To be able to do all this, you will only need to go to the Knowhow Track It and key in your details to view the delivery schedule of your order.

Small items

There is a courier which will ensure your item is delivered on behalf of the Currys Company. Should you want to keep track of your order, you can click on the link which comes with your confirmation email. This link will directly take you to the courier website where you can then easily track your delivery. This confirmation email is normally sent to you just before your order has been dispatched.

If you had chosen the free standard delivery, then your order should be delivered to you within five working day. Track the order via the courier website.

Choosing flexible delivery

If you have decided to use the flexible delivery, then this will give you more options that the free standard delivery. This is because it enables you to not only track your order on the courier’s website, but you will also be receiving a text about the right delivery time and the exact day that it will be done. This will keep you informed about where your order is and when you can have it.

Matching the competitors’ price

At Currys, they have refused to be ‘beaten’ in terms of price by their competitors. This is the reason why Currys PC World have decided to match and even beat the price which is offered in Asda, John Lewis or Tesco. This feature allows you to make comparisons with other competitors. Once you have made your comparisons, you can then request for a price match. To be able to request for this match, you simply need to contact 0344 561 0000 before you have purchased from them.


With Currys PC World, you can place an order for any item at a competitive price. The price match feature allows you to purchase an item from them at a price which is the same or better than what from their competitors. It is thus a great site for you to place your orders.

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